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Windows 10 Tips: Quick Ways To Open A Command Prompt Or Powershell Window

  1. Windows Key + "R", then type "cmd" and hit Enter for a non-admin session. To open it in Administrator, hit Alt+Shift+Enter instead

  2. In any File Explorer window, click in the address bar at the top and overwrite it with "cmd" and hit Enter. This opens up a non-admin window in the current folder

  3. If you hold down shift when you right click a folder or drive, this also opens up a non-admin Command Prompt at the current folder or location

For Powershell users

  1. Right click the windows button and click Powershell or hit Windows Key + X, then A to open an admin Powershell session

  2. From a specific Folder or drive, select the folder and press Alt, F, R to open a Powershell session at the current folder

  3. Hold down shift while you right click on a folder or drive to enable the option to open a Powershell session at that location in the menu tree.

  4. You can open a command prompt session within Powershell by typing "cmd" and pressing enter. To return to Powershell, type "exit" and press enter.

I'm sure there are a few I missed but this will get you started!

Let me know if the comments if you have others.


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