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My Top recommended Tesla Model Y Accessories

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

I recently took delivery of my much anticipated 2022 Model Y. One of the first things I did, after taking it for a spin around town of course, was toss in all the accessories I had bought ahead of time to load it up the day I got it.

Below is a list in no particular order of what I have added so far. I plan on add to the list as I go so stay tuned!

Floor Mats: $328

For the floor mats I ended up going with Taptes's over the 3D Maxpider. I had the Maxpider's in the Model 3 and they were great, but they did have the big "3D" logo all over. The Taptes ones are very identical in fit and feel but without the Logo. Not to mention they were cheaper.

Screen Protector: $39

I ended up going with the Spigen Tempered glass screen protector. The reviews were good and it was very well priced at the time. I have had very rare occurrences of it not registering my touch but it is such a minor thing for me I don't mind.

Arm Rest Organizers: $37

There are dozens of brands on Amazon for this one. I went with Luumtee and they fit well and have the look and feel of the OEM fabric.

Rear Storage Cubby: $28

Having a small child, this has been great. There is not a whole lot organization space in most Teslas so this adds a nice spot for baby wipes, charging cables, pouches and other random items. I have a deck of cards tossed in here as well for the random times we have the urge to play Euchre!

Trunk Cubbies: $87

These were surprisingly expensive for what they are and I think I ended up getting one of the cheaper sets. I am happy with these and they feel very close to the OEM material. These are great for adding additional storage compartments that I honestly feel should have come standard in these cards.. it's a little disappointing that they don't but I digress.. For me, the left one is used for Charging cable adapters, and other odd car items. The right one has become the de facto trash bin and dirty diaper holder!

Silicon License Plate Frame: $9

This gives it a nice black edge while protecting the car from metal on metal and as well as any rattle.

Paint Protection Film: $1,699

For the PPF. I highly encourage to shop around local shops near you. I must have called a dozen places getting quotes. On the last car (Model 3) and this one, I had both done with what most places call the "sport and track package" which usually includes just the full front facing areas of the car (impact zones). No doors or trunk. For me, this was all I needed and it truly helps protect against the stones that fly up all the time on the highway. It is an expensive addon, but I guarantee it will have a solid ROI after not having to repair any chips for years to come.

Window Tint: $515 (15% back, 25% front)

The same applies for the window tint as it did the PPF. Shop around and get plenty quotes. One crucial piece of information to keep in mind when shopping for tint. Because of the glass roof, during the day, the car will appear to have less tint than it will at night in the dark. So if you are worried about how it will look in the daytime, go about 10% darker than what you would normally do.



Logo Decal - Matte Black: $19

After I plastidipped the aero caps, I started going down the chrome delete path and the only things left were the Logos and Dual Motor plate.

I tried these guys off of Amazon, they're not bad but they're not great. I have the PPF on the front of the car so I wasn't sure how well the plastidip would peel off of the film so I decided to try this first.

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