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Miku Pro - Smart Baby Monitor Review

(video coming soon)

Concise Introduction:

For the birth of our first child, we got the Miku Pro - Smart Baby Monitor as a gift for our shower.

While it is very nice, it has its quirks but is an overall great monitor.

TL;DR Summary:


2/5 ($399 new)

Ease of Use


Picture Quality


Night Vision



4/5 (not actual telphoto zoom but you can pinch and zoom, this has been fine for us since the picture quality is very good)

Detailed Summary:


  • Breathing monitor

    • The breathing monitor portion of the device is amazing, it does a very good job and continually monitoring our baby and his breathing, giving us peace of mind while we are sleeping, knowing that it is working.

  • Movement Alert

    • The app notifies you when the your baby has stopped moving or is no longer in the crib.

    • This scared us a couple times when we are sleeping and it mysteriously decided to let us know there was no baby in the crib hours after we had pulled him out. But for the most part it works pretty well.

  • Persistent audio

    • The Miku app has the ability to keep the audio going even when you turn your phone screen off, this lets it function much like a traditional baby monitor and saves on the phone battery some.

  • Stats, Stats, Stats

    • There are an insane amount of statistics and other information that will help you better understand your babies sleep. If you are like us though, we just put our baby in when he's tired, pull him out when he's awake and I really never paid attention to the numbers. Your situation might be different though and it is definitely there if you need it.

  • Temperature and humidity readings. I found these to be mostly accurate and helpful to know.

  • Nightvision on the app is great, compared to most other cameras is it on par.

  • The Miku pro also has the ability to play songs and white noise, much like the stats, this function works very well.. but we just didn't use it all that much since we had other designated white noise machines that we liked better (Hatch)


  • Connection issues

    • This is unfortunately almost a deal breaker for me. The amount of connection issues that we had trying to use the app was so frequent we actually ended up using our google nest camera most of the time.

    • I tried many different things such as moving the router closer, changing the network from a single dual band network to separating them and trying them individually. No matter what we did, it didn't seem to help

    • I think the root cause of the issue is the way the Miku app is set up to funnel all video feed through their encrypted database/server.

    • This means that when you lose internet, you lose the video feed. This also makes it take much much longer than other competitors (google) for the video to load since it has to go through their server first.

    • Our google nest cameras are on our own internal Wifi, AND internet connection so if we lose internet, we can still utilize the Wifi to view the camera. This also makes the video feed load much much quicker while viewing it on cameras like the nest.

    • That is a clear win for me for the Google Nest

    • The Miku is on the expensive side compared to other options

Final Verdict

  • If you absolutely need the breathing monitoring and alerts for your peace of mind, then I would recommend this to you even with the minor quirks.


  • If you want a simple plug and play monitor that just works with no fancy features. Try the Infant Optics DXR-8 (affiliate link)

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